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Terms of Service

  • Please use my e-mail (buffaluffalo at gmail dot com) for all professional correspondence regarding commissions (inquiries, quotes, updates, etc), with the word “commission” clearly referenced in the subject line. I cannot guarantee a response to any social media DMs or Telegram/Discord messages, plus it helps keep all my information organized!

  • General

  • By ordering a commission you agree to these Terms of Service, and declare you are of legal age.

  • I reserve right to decline your commission for any undisclosed reason.

  • I will draw: original characters, fanart, furries, animals, simplified droids/mech, anything up to a PG-13 rating (mild gore/horror, mild adult content)

  • I do not usually draw complex mech, excessive gore or explicit adult content but contact me and we might be able to work something out.

  • Payments and Refunds

  • Payment will be requested via Paypal invoice in USD, please include your Paypal e-mail with your commission information.

  • Please pay your invoice promptly within 7 days, otherwise you risk your commission being cancelled.

  • Refunds are resolved on a case-by-case basis. A full refund can only be given before the work is started. If you request to cancel your commission after it has been started, a refund will be calculated depending on the progress made.

  • No refunds will be offered once the work is completed.

  • Process, Revisions, Deadlines

  • Turnaround depends on the commission type and workload, anywhere from a few days to 4 weeks. Please note, I do work a full time job in addition to working as a freelance artist.

  • If you would like a deadline, it must be requested in your original e-mail and agreed upon. A quick deadline may require an additional rush fee.

  • Most commission types will receive sketch stage for approval via e-mail and the right to 1 revision at the sketch stage for no charge. After the first, revisions will be subject to an additional fee.

  • You may request further work-in-progress updates via e-mail, but please note this may delay your commission.

  • Any additional work outside of initial project can be refused, or will be quoted and charged for accordingly.

  • Image Rights

  • As the artist, I retain all rights to created artwork. I reserve right to repost, use and sell created art in digital or physical forms, unless agreed upon beforehand. Profits won't be shared.

  • Original copy of commissioned art can be shipped to the client at their expense and risk. Once it is mailed with tracking info, the artist is no longer responsible.

  • If the client does not want their original art shipped to them, the artist reserves the right to sell the art either at conventions, art shows, or online.

  • Client may repost art at will as long as credit to the artist is included and no profit is being made.

  • Client may print or display their commission for personal use.

  • I do not claim any rights to characters and other intellectual properties.

  • Every client has the possibility to buy full commercial rights to commissioned artwork. Details will be discussed individually. Please expect industry rates and legal contracts.